Considering All Angles: Planning for Tooth Replacement

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Considering All Angles: Planning for Tooth Replacement

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Steve Baerg

Luiz Bertassoni

Fereidoun Daftary

Jim Janakievski

Date and Location:

October 7, 2017

8:30am- 3:30pm

Sheraton Hotel Portland Airport 

8235 NE Airport Way

Portland, Oregon 97220

CE Credit:

7 Lecture Credit Hours

Course Overview:

 Note: (Since the OAGD Annual Meeting and free CE in past years has been part of this Fall Symposium, please note that this year, the OAGD Annual Meeting will be a dinner event with free CE on January 18, 2018. Go here for more information.) 

This groundbreaking symposium will focus on innovative approaches to treatment planning for tooth preservation and tooth replacement, including long-term implant treatment planning challenges. The presenters will address questions such as: • Is it possible to grow teeth from stem cells for transplantation? • Is it possible to transplant teeth that have been traumatically avulsed with another tooth from the same patient? • Is it possible to preserve more enamel and cervical dentin to prevent teeth from cervical fracture? These lectures will help dentists make difficult decisions when treatment planning tooth replacement options. Don’t miss learning the latest clinically based solutions for tooth preservation/retention, tooth replacement, and alveolar growth and development through adulthood and how this impacts treatment planning for implants and more.

“Models for longevity: the possibilities of conservative endodontic approaches” Instructor: Dr. Steve Baerg

Description: Conservative dentin management has long been appreciated by the restorative community and opens new possibilities for the specialty of endodontics. This presentation will discuss the rationale and benefits of restoratively driven conservative endodontic approaches. Case specific technical approaches will be presented emphasizing how to incorporate these approaches into clinical practice.

Stem Cell Tooth Replacement and Dental Regeneration” Instructor: Dr. Luiz Bertassoni

Description: Dental regeneration has advanced considerably in recent years due to the effective use of stem cells. Learn how stem cells from various origins are used for the engineering of whole teeth, dental pulp, periodontal ligament and vascularized bone in this lecture. The coveted idea of engineering an entire tooth in the lab has already become a reality. Similarly, regeneration of complex craniofacial structures, such as the dental pulp, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament, have also advanced considerably.

Craniofacial Growth and Implant Esthetics” Instructor: Dr. Fereidoun Daftary

This lecture will review the growth of the skull and mandible and its’ clinical significance for tooth replacement in children and adolescents. Often times, growth during adulthood is not factored into restorative treatment planning for dental implants. These clinical observations were often absent from the literature due to short observation periods, dismissed as artifacts, or simply overlooked. Now with decades of post treatment observation of single tooth and partially edentulous implant restorations, it is becoming apparent that for some, there are indeed occlusal, periodontal and esthetic ramifications of this subtle, continued developmental through adulthood. Don’t miss this lecture so that you too can understand the ramifications of dental implants in growing patients.

“Autotransplantation of Premolars to Replace Traumatized Maxillary Incisors in the Growing Patient.” Instructor: Dr. Jim Janakievski

 Description: This presentation will review the surgical and restorative considerations for autotransplantation. Options to replace missing or ankylosed teeth in the anterior maxilla are limited for growing patients. Treatment is usually aimed at developing the ridge for future implant placement. Autotransplantation of a premolar to the incisor site offers permanent tooth replacement using a natural tooth to achieve an optimal aesthetic & functional outcome.

Course Objectives:

  • •Gain insight into the meaning and significance of patient centered endodontic care and supportive models •
  • Understand the rationale for restoratively driven approaches and the associated lexicon for conservative dentin management •
  • Identify case specific endodontic approaches utilizing conservative dentin management•
  • Become familiar with recent developments in stem cell research and their relevance to dentistry •
  • Appreciate how teeth are engineered in the lab and the relevance to tooth replacement treatment planning
  • •Be familiar with the long-term effects of continued craniofacial growth of adults •
  • Understand the implications for intra-arch stability of teeth relative to implant restorations •
  • Gain insight into relevance to inter-arch occlusal stability involving natural teeth opposing implant restorations, anterior esthetic stability of implant restorations relative adjacent teeth and supporting periodontium •
  • Understand the appropriate time to plan for tooth autotransplantation. •
  • Be acquainted with the surgical considerations for an optimal outcome. •
  • Recognize the process of restoring a transplanted premolar to mimic a central incisor.

About the Clinicians:

Dr. Baerg practices in Gig Harbor, Washington.  He received his dental degree from Tufts University, a GPR certificate from the VA hospital in San Diego, California, and completed his endodontic training at Boston University.  Dr. Baerg is an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Department of Endodontics and Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics.  He is a past-President of the Washington State Association of Endodontists, past-President of the International Academy of Endodontics, and has been a committee member of the American Association of Endodontists.

Dr. Bertassoni graduated with a DDS degree from the Catholic University of Parana in Brazil, obtained a PhD in Biomaterials and Bioengineering from University of Sydney, and two postdoctoral degrees from University of California San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School/MIT. Currently, Dr. Bertassoni is an Assistant Professor at Oregon Health and Science University-School of Dentistry. He is also an honorary lecturer in Biomaterials and Bioengineering at University of Sydney-School of Dentistry. He leads a multidisciplinary research group working on various aspects of biomaterials and tissue engineering. His recent work on bioprinting for vascularization of tissue engineering constructs has received extensive attention in the popular media.

Dr. Daftary received his DDS from the National University of Iran. He did post-graduate training in prosthodontics and earned his Master of Science degree in Dental Material at Boston University. He has held a position as an Assistant Professor at New York University and was Chair of theDepartment of Fixed Prosthodontics at the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC for several years.Dr. Daftary has lectured nationally and internationally on various dental topics. He has also developed
and patented the Anatomic Abutment and Bio-Esthetic Abutments as well as Anatomic Implant System.He maintains a private practice in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Janakievski received his D.D.S. and attended a general practice residency at the University of Toronto.  After several years in general practice, he completed his post-graduate training at the University of Washington, where he received a certificate in Periodontology with a M.S.D. degree and a fellowship in Prosthodontics. He was an Assistant Clinical Director in the Department of Periodontology, at the University of Washington and continues to teach as an affiliate faculty member. Dr. Janakievski is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, and a member of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.  Dr. Janakievski maintains a private practice in Tacoma, Washington.

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